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If you can’t speak for yourself, who will make decisions about your finances, medical care and personal wishes? Who would be your voice? Would they know what you want?

Our experienced, caring and professional Advance Care Planning (ACP) Team will assist you with:

  • Knowing how to start the conversation
  • Exploring & understanding what is important to you
  • Documenting your wishes clearly

Service Fee:  RM325

    • If you wish to have the discussion @ the comfort of your own home, an additional RM50 will be incurred
    • 1.5  hour session (English / Mandarin / Cantonese)
    • Audio recording (CD)
    • ACP written file

Contact us +603 – 2142 1666 and we shall connect you with our ACP Advisors

*Engagement by appointment only


如果您无法表达自身意愿的话……谁能代您做出财务、医疗上的决定? 谁知道您的个人意愿并且代您发声?他们是否知道您真正想要的是什么?


  • 了解如何开始对话
  • 探索和理解对您来说重要的东西
  • 清楚地记录您的意愿


    • 如果您希望在自己舒适的家中进行讨论,将另收RM50。
    • 1.5 小时的面谈 (英文/华语/粤语)
    • 录音(CD)
    • ACP书面文件

联系我们 +603 – 2142 1666 获取ACP顾问的协助


What is Advance Care Planning Advisory Services (ACPAS)?

Advance care planning is a voluntary discussion that enables individuals to make plans about their future health care and funeral care. It encourages you to think about your personal beliefs and share goals of your health and end of life planning with your loved ones when you are not in a position to either make or communicate your own choices.

What is the scope of ACPAS?

The advisory scope of discussion covers the follow:

  • Future health care plan while client is deteriorating or in coma
  • Funeral plan
  • Last wishes
  • Legacy – what you would like to leave behind

What are the benefits of having ACP?
  • To reduce stress and anxiety for elderlies/patients and their families in future.
  • To improve quality of care or end of life care.

Who is eligible for ACPAS?

ACPAS is applicable for adults 21 years old and above.

What is the language used in the conversation?

ACPAS can be conducted in English / Mandarin / Cantonese.

How does ACPAS work?

It’s a 1.5 hour face-to-face session conducted by ACP Facilitator who will advise and provide proper information before client makes any decision. Client needs to complete ACP document during the session. Upon the completion of ACP advisory session, within 10 working days, the client will receive a file, which consists of one set of written ACP result and a CD with the audio-recorded dialogue during the session.

How many of ACPAS sessions do I need?
  • Individual – Minimum 1 session
  • Family – Minimum 2 sessions

What is Individual versus Family session?
  • Definition of Individual session – Client attend the session all by himself/herself.
  • Definition of Family: Either the client is accompanied by the family (handling his own ACP) or there are more than two clients who would like to have their respective ACPs done.

How long is an ACPAS session?

Each session is 1.5 hours.

Who is the ACP Facilitator?

ACP facilitators are individuals and professionals who have experience as well are trained in ACP.

How do I make payment for ACPAS?

Please bank in or online transfer to:

ACG Concept Sdn Bhd
Account Number: 3191-1872-08
Bank: Public Bank Berhad

Kindly send your bank-in slip or online transfer receipt to





  • 个人面临意外、重病、昏迷或临终时的医疗与照护需求
  • 葬礼的安排与计划
  • 临终的愿望
  • 死后的遗愿

  • 可帮助减轻个人与家人的压力及焦虑
  • 可增进照护素质、帮助达到个人的意愿及善终







  • 个人——至少一次会谈
  • 家庭——至少两次会谈

何谓个人 / 家庭会谈?
  • 个人会谈——只有单人出席面谈
  • 家庭会谈——由亲友陪伴,一同谈论当事人的计划;或多个家庭成员(如夫妻、父子母女)一起进行自身的预立护理计划







ACG Concept Sdn Bhd
户口号码: 3191-1872-08
银行: Public Bank Berhad


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