More Help For Those With Dementia

Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Hannah Yeoh, second from right, at a press conference after after launching the Alzheimer's Disease International 21st Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Friday, Aug 16, 2019. On the right is Alzheimer's Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM) patron Puan Sri Wendy Ong, ADFM president Datuk Jeffrey Ng (second from left) and Alzheimer's Disease International chairman Dr Glenn Rees.

It is important to create a caring community so that the ageing person will continue to have a productive, healthy and active lifestyle.

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A Mother’s Wish

I write down my wishes because when my time comes, I want my family to come together stronger and to have nothing to feel guilty or stressed about.

Speak The Unspoken

I’m glad we got through it because when a tragedy occurs and a life is on the line, you can make every second count, take action and know what to do.

Dad’s Choice

In the end, dad told us he wanted to go home to read books and see his garden.

When Time Is Ticking

I was 21 when I was told I had cervical cancer. Young as I was, I never imagined I would face cancer that early – or ever.

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